Our Story 
change waste into value
use value to shine the identity
identity in add of talent and originality
use talent and creativity to innovate
believe that innovation is the forward economy
only when there is respect for identity
that is the value we add to legacy
past present future speaks


An Idea is Born

In 2010  me and my children went back to visit our family. We re-explore things about our "roots". We visited our family in the Moluccan Islands in our village Suli. The name Nona Suli Design means "The Art of the Woman from Suli". My brand is a tribute to my roots, my past, present and forward future. 

During our stay, while walking on the beach on Suli, we were totally surprised about the waste coming out from the sea. We were confronted with a huge waste problem. We didn't know what was happening but we did know that we had to take action. That moment was a turning point to me. This huge problem inspired me to support my kids driven idea called KICK EVENT that means Keep It Clean Kids, zero or less waste events combined with beach clean ups.. We decided to create and add value to legacy. "The seed was there all the time... it just waited for us to be seen". 

We call this our purpose.... 


Keep It Clean Kids was born. This idea belongs to my 2 lovely kids, Danilo and Sisley. They called themselves "Founders of KICK EVENT". My role, as mother of these founders, is the supporting way to make this beautiful concept happen for a better world. Actually their future and other kids futures.  We want to create more value out of waste and we are always challenged by the way how to develop concepts that are lasting and future proof. My kids are my drive, we as a family are driven to contribute to a better world.   

Recycle Fashion Design and Art

The passion for creation, working with materials that are raw or not used to work with. That is where my heart beats more than likely. Combine Art and Crafts and make a total new item in concept to create win/win/win situations.  As a Mom entrepreneur Nona Suli Design attend as the Recycle Fashion Designer at Miss Avantgarde 2015. 

Waste into design

Finding new uses with things when you are done with it... 
People always know where to find me if they have things they don't use anymore. I have a neighbor that collects rest materials leather that comes from her shoemaker and a friend that was done with her boots.. There are many ways to close the loop. Collaboration with stores and designers .... be creative and smart!

Fashion to create more awareness

We love fashion and see this as a way of creating more awareness, tell stories, feel stories about history, authenticity, identity and roots and make this visible. On this picture my daughter was the model for Kitchen for Fashion 

Nona Suli Design in Collaboration 

Nona Suli Design believes in the power of collaboration and loves to do this with beautiful labels and companies. It is always a challenge to create one awareness design or concept that increase spirit to be aware and create awareness in collaboration. It's a proces that takes months or years.. It is investing in making impact for a better world..
For the Recycle Fashion Design, Nona Suli Design had a collaboration with: 

Nona Suli Design in store

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